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Hybrid In/Outdoor Whole House /Reverse Osmosis System RO Water F
Hybrid In/Outdoor Whole House /Reverse Osmosis System RO Water F
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RQ-6BT-100+5 100G 6stage Reverse Osmosis with Tank +5pc Filters

100 GPD 6stage Reverse Osmosis RO DI+Tank Water Filters extra 5 PC replacement Model# RQ-6BT-100+5

Model# RQ-6BT-100

Free Shipping within US 48 States

100 Gallon Per Day 6 stage Reverse Osmosis

 Drinking Water Filter System with storage Tank


In this combo, you get extra 5 pc replacement filters


Great Gift!
We Could Ship This Item To Your Friend Within US Continatal!
Good For Your Family And Friends!

Product Spec: Brand NEW !!
Features: Uses with this item
  • Use most reliable name brand TFC (made in U.S.A.) Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • Include a GAC polishing post-filter to improve taste, odor and color
  • Combination unit, built in RO system for ultra pure water use, that's double protection for you
  • Can be installed to any fresh water source for your aquarium and drinking water
  • Also for any application requiring ultra pure water like Reef, Aquarium, hydroponics, humidifier and jewelry cleaning
  • High technology to deliver the greatest quality water you deserve
  • Installs under your sink and works as a regular drinking water system, just turn the valves on and you have pure water
  • Easy to install this system, just like replacing a kitchen faucet
  • No more bottles of water to carry home
  • Your fish will say this is the best
  • Removes 99% of all Sodium, aluminum, lead, copper, arsenic, mercury, calcium, phosphate, iron, magnesium, zinc, chloride
    , nitrate, silicate, cyanide, sulphide, nickel, silver, bicarbonate, manganese, ammonium, barium, chromium and Phosphates
  • Removes 99% of all bacteria from your water
    Water Purity Reference: (1.)Tap or well water(300 PPM) ---> (2.)After RO system(20 PPM)
  • Upgrade all fittings to be quick style, connect/disconnect tube just one second

  • Our filters are industrial standard length in 10 inches, suitable most of RO system. 
  • If you could exchange your faucet by yourself, you could set it up easily.
  • The filter can work for 12 months and create the 2500-3000 gallons pure water
    6 stage system Filter layout (Please Click Picture to enlarge the picture)
  • Stage Picture Filter Functions Replacement
    5 micron PP
    sediment filter
    to remove dirt, sediment, rust and sand particles
    6-12 months
    5 micron coconut
    carbon block filter
    to remove chlorine, chloramine, odor and chemicals
    6-12 months
    5 micron coconut
    carbon block filter
    to remove remaining chemicals, pesticides and protect your membrane
    6-12 months
    TFC (made in USA)
    100 GPD RO Membrane
    to removes 98% to 99.99% of all chemical and harmful dissolved elements and 99% of all bacteria
    2 ~ 3 years
    0 PPM DI (De-Ionized) filter
    to remove hard water minerals
    500+ Gallons
    in-line granular activated
    carbon filter
    to pure tasting water
    6-12 months
    Recommend Schedule :
  • Only need to replace the pre-filters and post filter once a year for coat approx. $32.00.
  • Replacement filter set model number FS-5B (click here to get more information)
  • Replacement Membrane model number FT-M100 (click here to get more information)
  • Specifications

  • This system could start to generate the pure water at 35PSI, and the best situation is 65PSI.
  • That means it depends on the environment very sensitively.
  • If the pressure of the incoming tap water is too low, you have to buy a booster pump to get it work.
  • Please call your local water company to ask your water pressure.
    No. Picture Parts Functions
    Feed Water Device

    1/2" tee & 1/4" ball valve, works for under sink water adapter, no more drill hole in your pipe

    450 ML Flow Restrictor
    Quality Calibrated Flow Restrictor
    Auto Shut Off Valve
    automatic shut off the water feed and drain as the water tank is full
    Filter Housing Wrench
    for tightening and removing the housings
    Food Grade Tubing
    easy to find out and connect all the quick connectors
    Saddle Clamp
    Drain Valve
    very easy to install for discharge water
    NSF 3G plastic
    Pressurized Water Tank
    3 Gallon capacity, fully approved by NSF
    Lead Free Chrome
    Long Reach Faucet
    a 5/8" or 1/2" hole or larger hole is required on the counter top
    Ball Valve for
    Water Storage Tank
    position "close" to force the water to flow to the Long Reach Faucet directly
    position "open" to allow the water flow in/out the water tank
  • 15.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 18 inches (W x L x H)
  • This reverse osmosis unit is designed to operate at a water pressure in the range of 40-80 PSI. and the best is 65PSI
  • If the pressure of the incoming tap water is too low (less than 40 PSI), you 'll have to buy extra booster pump to make it work
  • At pressure lower than this, the quantity as well as quality will be reduce. At higher pressure will damage to the system
  • If local water pressure exceeds 85 PSI, a pressure regulator must be installed, reducing the water pressure into the system
    Package Content
  • 1 x 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO+TANK System
    with 2 x 10" 5 micron Polypropylene sediment Pre-Filter with housing
    with 4 x 10" 5 micron coconut carbon block Pre-Filter with housing
    with 1 x 10" Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • With 2 x 10" 0 PPM DI (De-Ionized) filter
    with 2 x 10" in-line granular activated carbon Post-Filter

  • 1x Auto Shut Off Valve
  • 1x Flow Restrictor
  • 1x Filter Housing Wrench
  • 4 x Food Grade Tubing
  • 1x Saddle Clamp Drain Valve
  • 1x NSF 3G Plastic Pressurize Water Storage Tank
  • 1x Ball Valve for Water Storage Tank
  • 1x Lead Free Chrome Plated Standard goose neck Long Reach Faucet
  • Feed Water Device
  • More water feeder device option (sale in separately)
    Please check with our Dollar Sales for surprise you! 

    3/4" Garden hose adapter
    easy to screw onto your Garden /Laundry spigot 

    Two way switch water adapter
    work for faucet come with areator parts cost $10.00 (free shipping)

    Needle valve water device
    easy and quick to adjust and fit most sizes of pipes  ,cost $7.00 (free shipping)


    ## Stage-1: 5 micron PP sediment filter##

    ## Stage-2: 5 micron coconut carbon block filter##

    ## Stage-3: 5 micron coconut carbon block filter##

    ## Stage-4 whole new style quick connection Housing ##

    ## Stage-4: TFC (made in USA) 100 GPD RO Membrane##

    Stage-5: ) PPM DI Non-transparent (De-Ionized) filter##



    ## Stage-6: in-line granular activated carbon filter##

     Parts-1: Feed Water Device:  1/2" Tee + 1/4 Ball valve

    ## Parts-2: Flow Restricto ##

    ## Parts-3: Auto Shut Off Valve##

    ## Parts-4: Filter Housing Wrench##

    ## Parts-5: Food Grade Tubing ##

    ## Parts-6: Saddle Clamp Drain Valve##

    ## Parts-7: NSF plastic 3G Pressurized Water Tank##

    ## Parts-8: Lead Free Chrome Long Reach Faucet##

    ## Parts-9: Ball Valve for Water Storage Tank##

    For more information, please visit this products webpage.
    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 01 October, 2012.
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